Get to know about the popular types of bong

consumption of cannabis

Bongs are the best option for smoking joints. Bongs may become in different shapes and sizes. The design of the best bongs is aesthetically made. These designs have their advantages and abilities. Here we will discuss the popular designs of a bong:

Straight tube bong

A straight tube bong is the simplest bong type. It has a tube that is closed at one end with the stem and a bowl protruding from the side. You fill the tube with water, drop your cannabis inside, and then you are good to go. It is one of the easiest and simplest ways of smoking cannabis.

Breaker and round base bong

A Beaker bong is somewhat similar to a straight tube bong, but the bottom of the bong is flared into a cone shape that resembles a beaker. Only the base of the beaker bong is broader than the straight tube bong but the smoking process is all same. A round base bong is like a beaker bong with a flat spherical surface. This is less stable than a beaker bong.

consumption of cannabis

Multi chamber bong

A multi-chamber bong, sometimes known as a recycler bong, is a type of straight-tube bong with many chambers that can be of various forms. The straight tube of a multi-chamber best bongs is divided into two chambers that are joined by a tube or third chamber. Because both the top and lower chambers contain water, the smoke is filtered twice. This creates a considerably cooler, smoother smoke than the standard straight tube, beaker, or round base bongs.

Percolator Bong

If you have a sensitive throat or simply want to take your already smooth bong experience to the next level, this design is for you. As the name implies, these bongs include a percolator, which distributes the smoke to produce bubbles, allowing it to cool faster.

Gravity bong

The gravity bong is based on the vacuum that is created when the water leaves an enclosed space. There are two types of gravity bong they are bucket and waterfall.